Declare a National Election Day

Declare a National Election Day Holiday toRestore and Preserve Election Integrity

The very cornerstone on which our Republic’s foundation was established is the belief the best government is one in which we the people choose those we believe represent our ideals, values and principles to govern in our stead. In order to preserve a government of the people, by the people and for the people there must be a diligent effort to ensure those who are elected to represent us are done so by an election system free of fraud, waste and abuse.

Upon Congressional introduction of a National Election Day Holiday Act, said Act shall also require the following election laws as indispensable sections of the Act, each of which is to be completed as soon as possible, but not later than three years following passage of the Act. 

  • Eliminate voting by mail except where an absentee ballot as prescribed by law is allowed.
  • Eliminate registering to vote and casting a ballot both on Election Day.  
  • Eliminate early voting by mail or at a designated polling place.
  • Eliminate voting machines. Issue paper ballots which are cast on Election Day.
  • Require an accepted form of photo identification to vote.
  • Purge voter rolls no less than every Presidential voting cycle.
  • Outlaw registering voters through any institution(s) other than respective State Voter Registrars.
  • Outlaw media outlets from declaring races on Election Night before all polls have closed across the continent.

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