Welcome To The Conservative Party (Ohio)

Thanks for your interest in the Conservative Party and our Ohio affiliate, Conservative Party (Ohio).  Please take some time to review the party platform and determine if this political position fits your personal views.  We certainly hope that it does and welcome you to join our movement.  Our intent is to grow CP-USA so it can rectify the corruption and duplicity of the existing two major parties.

Why are we doing this?  The answer is best described in the belief that both major parties (Democrat and Republican) have lost their way with regard to the founding principles of our government.  In short, the Democrats have become the party of big government, over-reaching regulation, dangerous deficit spending and the cultivation of a class of individuals permanently dependent on government handouts.  The Republicans have largely been complicit in deficit spending and only give lip service to reducing the size and scope of government.

By becoming a member of CP-OH you are joining with those who strongly believe that conservative values must be re-integrated into our national and state governments.  For those who doubt that such a monumental change can occur, please note that our forefathers previously accomplished this feat as shown here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservatism_in_the_United_States .  This is a good read and provides a historical timeline of how conservatism has been influential in U.S. politics.

If you think your involvement cannot make a difference, please realize that CP-OH members are just average citizens like you who are doing our small part.  Our grass-roots approach to building the Conservative Party will have pitfalls but will succeed with your help.  Our stated goal is to recruit elected officials to run and be elected as Conservative’s vs. trying to influence those in the major parties.

Reagan provided us superior guidance on conservatism while serving as President.  He said, “Freedom is not created by Government, nor is it a gift from those in political power. It is, in fact, secured, more than anything else, by limitations placed on those in Government.”

Those who have previously had associations with The Tea Party or The Constitution Party are welcome.  We are interested in US citizens of all nationalities, financial status and religious beliefs as long as you have a desire to reverse the course of action the major parties are forcing upon our country.  For proof you need look no further than what our own John Boehner is doing as Speaker of the House.

Please consider joining CP-OH.  I look forward to communicating with you directly, and receiving your support.

Yours in liberty,
Phil Prucey
Conservative Party (Ohio)

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